About The Shire Racing Team.

The Shire Racing Team gets its name from The Shire, where, as Bilbo Baggins knows, all good adventures begin.

The Shire Racing Team is a trail running coaching service based in Squamish, BC. It is intended for experienced trail runners and mountain runners throughout the Sea to Sky corridor who are keen to perform at a higher level. Whether you are shooting for the podium or just a personal best, Brendan can offer individualized training programs for you to help you achieve your race goals.

Coaching Philsophy:

A personalized sustainable approach to training.

I adhere to the philosophy that training programs need to be focused on the individual. What works for some runners, does not work for others: Everyone has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, training experiences, tolerances, running interests, and histories. The Shire Racing Team has no two runners with the same training program even if they are training towards the same race.

My training plans are also specific to race distance and race course to help your body adapt to the particular challenges of the course.

Through regular communication with you, I will be able to continually fine-tune your personal training program to ensure it is effective at improving your performance and delivering your race goals.

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You’ll certainly feel like you have fresh legs if you routinely run once or twice per week, but don’t expect to improve over time or to compete to your potential when it comes time to race. Alternatively, over-training will only dampen your performance despite all the hard work and effort you put in. Your legs need to rest and recover to ensure your hard training days are quality efforts. In the long-term, training consistently month after month and year after year can significantly boost your performance. But training consistently is not everything ...

What Trail Running Means in the Shire:

There are many different reasons why trail runners are passionate about the sport.

Check out the answers to “What motivates you to trail run/mountain run?” from a wide range of trail runners - the size of the words is proportional to how frequently they were used as an answer.


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